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We've listed some resources and services provided by members and close friends of the group. In so doing, we're not providing any endorsements, but we hope you'll find them useful. If you wish to purchase any of the products or services offered, please contact the relevant people or organisations directly. Further links that might interest you are listed in our More Resources and Links pages.


  • Ignatius Sancho, Twelve English Country Dances, written by an erstwhile slave, 2014,
    by Valerie Webster

    We're often asked about the dances of Ignatius Sancho, they're an important part of our repertoire. Our dear friend Valerie Webster has written this book to help answer those questions. The drawings and artwork are by Diana Durant, a founding member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers, who sadly died in 2015. Details of Sancho's life were researched by Sally Petchey.

    This work is not available for purchase on-line, please contact Ann and Derek Appleing of Folk Sales for further information: Derek-Ann@folksales.co.uk.

  • The Quadrille, 2003.
    by Ellis A. Rogers

    We're very much indebted to Ellis & Christine for many years of support and assistance. This book is the key text for anyone interested to know more about Quadrille dancing. It's available through their website.

  • The EFDSS

    Hampshire Regency Dancers are affiliated with the English Folk Dance & Song Society, who sell many books, CDs, etc. related to folk dancing. For more information see their FolkShop.

  • The DHDS

    The Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society publish many works on historical dance, including titles related to Regency dancing. For more information see their website.


  • Green Ginger

    Green Ginger often play at our Balls. They're an excellent historic dance band, and have CDs available for sale. We've enjoyed dancing to their music for many years, for further information see their website.

  • Orion's Ring

    Steve Hunt of Orion's Ring has played for us for many years, alongside his wife Rosemary (one of our regular tutors). They've researched many Regency era country dances for us, and add sparkle to some of our practice sessions. CDs can be purchased through their website.

  • RegencyDances.org

    RegencyDances.org is operated by members of our group, and sells CDs on a not-for-profit basis, in collaboration with the Early Dance Circle. For further information see their website.


We're often complimented on the quality of our costumes, they're something we take pride in. Many of our costumes are made by members of the group, some of whom offer their services professionally. If you'd like to contact members of our team, they are (in no particular order):
  • Kate Davis

    Kate is a founding member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and operates a dress making and tailoring service. She also makes reproductions of Regency misers purses and crochet reticules. If you'd like to contact Kate, you can email her at kate.davis1.kd@gmail.com.

  • Helen McArdle

    Helen is a member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and a Historical Costumier. She makes and tailors historical costumes for gentlemen and ladies. Contact her through Facebook.

  • Amy-Nichole Banner

    Amy is a friend of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and runs The Period Costume Shop. She also has a period costume design service at her website.


  • Sunshine Imagination
    by Caroline Tracey

    Caroline has taken photographs for us at many events, and hosts her own professional photography business at Sunshine Imagination.


  • A Book of Paine's Quadrilles
    by Meryl Thomson and Ellis Rogers

    Meryl and Ellis are good friends of our group, and have collaborated to make this CD-ROM of Paine's Quadrilles, it is available through the Early Dance Circle.

  • Paul Cooper

    Paul is a member of Hampshire Regency Dancers, and researcher into Regency dance history. You can read his research papers here.


  • Greetings Cards
    by The Regency Assembly

    Our good friends at the Regency Assembly sell Regency themed Greetings Cards through their website.